When it rains, it pours – or so the saying goes. But when a water line springs a leakage, it could be a flood and a real mess to take care of. It is important to understand how essential it is to understand ways to handle a water leak, before a it takes place in ones Yucaipa home.

Learn Where the Shut Off Valves AreYucaipa water shut off valve

When experiencing a water leak in ones residence, the first thing one should know is where the shut off valves are situated. This is something one ought to know before a water leak occurs at home. Take a few moments and inspect the home to see to it one knows where the valves are found. One does not wish to be running around trying to find them when a bunch of water is running in the house.

Know Where Your Water Meter is Found

Each water company is not the same. It will vary from if one lives in the country or city where the meter is found around the house. It features a heavy cover that needs a device to pry it open. Some water meters have a shut off to shut off the water at the meter.

Know How to Contact the Water Company

They will send out a maintenance worker to turn off the water at the meter if there is an emergency situation happening. Again, depending on where one lives, it could take sometime for the water company to get to ones house.

See to it one has emergency numbers for the water company, as well as all utility companies, close by. Have them down and keep them in a useful location or program the numbers into ones cellular phone. You don’t wish to be scrambling around looking for telephone number while water is putting with your house. Some water companies won’t enable consumers to touch the meters. Make sure to know what your water company does and does not permit.

Relieve Water Pressure on the Leaking Line

Turn on other faucets in your house to relieve some of the pressure on the afflicted water line. If all of the water is pouring onto the bathroom floor, opening the various other water lines can ease some of the pressure and direct the flow into even more desirable areas, like sinks, tubs, outside. While this will not help with the water bill or decrease the water loss, it might help cut down on a few of the water damage.

Do not wait to call us to help make sure you know where your water stuff off valves are located so you will be all set in a Yucaipa plumbing emergency.